Affiliate Marketing

So what is Affiliate Marketing? Jewel Ghost would like to help you fill in the gaps.

Affiliate Marketing is taking someone else’s product or work, and selling it to someone else.
That’s it! You’re a middleman that gets a piece of the action!

So say you go to ClickBank’s or you go to another website that offers affiliate marketing and you get your unique URL. A unique URL is a site name that when a product is purchased through, much like a nightclub promoters guest list gets credit, you’ll be credited by the parent business as a seller of a product.

Now HOW do you monetize the product, where does the rubber meet the road?

1- Webinars
2- Facebook Ads
3- Organic Outreach

1- Webinars

Webinars, are one of the most powerful tools you can use when pitching high-quality products. One of my first mentors actually sold “tickets” to his webinar for a few thousand dollars MOSTLY just TO HEAR HIM TALK. Another acquaintance of mine cracked over $60,000 in three months running webinars to sell someone else’s product. There are reasons why webinars are effective at motivating people to purchase a product, here are some short notes on why webinars are effective.

  • It’s expected: Expectations are set and managed before you get on a call
  • It’s a time commitment: People don’t go on calls for 45 minutes to a hour just to waste their time usually
  • They’re professional: Webinars have infinitely more potential to influence people through simple, creative, and enthusiastic presentations

2- Facebook Ads

Last month a close friend of mine cracked a 600% ROI for his client when it comes to paid facebook ad marketing. Facebook is POWERFUL right now, VERY POWERFUL, BUT I have some INVALUABLE tips to KNOW what business you can have CERTAINTY IN and will DELIVER YOU results that will MASSIVELY generate traffic for you.
A good facebook marketing business will ask for permission to manage your facebook group page. The reason being is they need access to your tracking number so they can tangibly create trackable data. I met with a business owner not too long ago to discuss his social media marketing campaign and was shocked to learn he ALREADY was doing advertising, but his facebook business site actually had zero management. To ME, that’s equivalent of stealing someone’s money. The business probably came on, did 20 minutes of work for him on google adwords or something, and just took off with his money. When looking for the right agency, look for someone that has been around for more than 6 months, has a track record or a proven “done for you” system, and does monthly subscriptions- not year long contracts.

If you were to ask me how I REALLY FEEL about facebook advertising, I’d actually suggest you as a business owner create a new job in your business for social media marketing and then hire someone in that slot. Have the person do email marketing, BASIC seo, facebook advertising, all for the same price you’d pay an outside agency to manage your content. For instance, you can pay $2500-$3000 a month for an agent to work on your facebook ads for a few hours a week, or you could pay $3000-$4000 a month for someone to work full time and do email marketing, facebook ads, SEO, sales, and be sure to award them with performance bonuses if they go out and crack record breaking months. I say this because I want you to have total control over your businesses online presences- if you can constantly peak over the shoulder of your social media sales professional, you have a much higher chance of getting killer results than you would with an outside agency.

3- Organic Outreach

The last way to sell your product is with straight elbow grease. Although social media strategies will get the job done quicker, there are a few tips I can share about methods to promote your product with minimum financial investment.

Email marketing:

You can send out emails, although I have quite a few brilliant ideas of getting email lists I’m only going to share some practical methods of doing so like- have a web news letter, farm your linkedin, offer a free service to people in exchange for an email.


You can actually mail out sales copy as long as your product fits into that category appropriately.

Cold Call Sales:

I’m not too sure who has been spreading the rumor that cold calling is dead or outdated… If you master sales, you will never go hungry a day in your life. Sales is amazing BUT you have to understand that we now live in a world where trust is at an all-time low. Because of that, you need to know how to actually talk “the language of trust”, and you need to be able to frame yourself more of as a trusted consultant rather than a prototypical car salesman trying to pull a fast one over someone. You’re there to make sales, not to make enemies, and because of that, it’s important that you actually help others make empowered agreements rather than brash decisions.

MLM Method:

Sell to family members, family friends, friends, sell to your network and have them network you with people. I’m making a point to spell this out because it is effective as long as you’re actually good at what you do. Look the way I feel about this is pretty simple: no one likes the family member that tries to pity shame them into buying a product they don’t need just because of loyalty… if you have a product that you can guarantee will solve an actual and existing pain and frustration for someone you know, or maybe someone your family knows, add leverage to your product with incentive based pricing, coupons, family discounts, or other deals… and remember this slogan by sales professional and real estate mogul Grant Cardone- over promise THEN OVER DELIVER.

I’d like to thank you for taking the time out of your schedule to read all of this.
And if you have any comments or concerns, please post them below.
I hope now you have just a few more avenues than you might have had before when it comes to monetizing others or even your product!


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