Mobile Optimization

Google Prioritizes Mobile Friendly Sites: These Two Trusted WordPress Plugins Can Give You an Edge.

As of early 2015 an update rolled out from Google having blogger after blogger dubbing it “mobilegeddon”. Personally, for my taste, that’s a tad bit on the dramatic side, but JUST a tad bit.

Mobilegeddon article after article started pouring in as Google literally changed the game on every business owner. It soon became sink or swim for how businesses got found online. Google flat out stated something to the effect of “a new crawler for search engines has been released, this crawler will not penalize your website but WILL prioritize websites that have FAST Loading Speed and Mobile Friendly Optimization (looks good on mobile devices.

What this has meant for some business owners was a complete overhaul of their website, business after business started spending any of their extra budget into creating websites that would look good on mobile devices, which now in the year 2017 some sites claim to receive60-percent or more of every visits to be on a mobile device like a smart phone, tablet, nook, iPad, the list really could go on.

Fortunately, the marketplace, as always,catches up, and now it’s basically impossible to purchase any web theme or web template from a developer or online store without it coming integrated with mobile friendliness…or did it?

Undoubtedly there is A LOT of confusion going on.

People are getting absolutely SICK of marketers flooding their LinkedIn profiles, calling them up on the phone, sending them mail, when the truth is, a GOOD DIGITAL MARKETER is ACTUALLY HARD TO FIND. In my experience running and failing my own digital marketing businesses I’ve seen only two types of people, the MISINFORMED KID DOING SCIENCE EXPERIMENTS, and the ENTREPRENEUR who can show you HOW SIMPLE this whole ball of clicks and links can be.

What You Came For: Straight Line to Higher Rankings.

So as stated earlier, mobilegeddon has changed the way your business is found online. I’m going to make this talk as untechnical as I possibly can, so you can give this article to someone like myself, your IT guy, an outsourcer, or even give it a college try yourself and see results.

The method I’m sharing with you for INCREASING your backend Mobile friendliness AND increasing your page load speed is SO SIMPLE, it can feel cumbersome and time-consuming, but I’ve personally seen someone have FOUR ranking placements HIGHER on Google for their keywords JUST by running the WordPress add-on’s I will share with you.

And before I get into that, if you’re a business owner reading this and feeling lost in translation, reach out to me, I can show you how simple this stuff is. For example, WordPress is just a service MOST websites are run on, and Rankings on Google are the things business owners typically pay for to have their Keyword moved up higher and more visibility on search engine results… this means if someone typed in Best Rhinoplasty in Kentucky or something an SEO agent like myself (SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization) would help you get HIGHER rankings, leading to more CLICKS on your site, giving YOU MUCH MORE OF AN EDGE over your competition and local marketspace.


A quick Google Search should bring up a plugin called WPMU Dev.

The first thing you’re going to want to do is click on their website and Join Free for 30 Days.

You’re going to have to trust me on these instructions here, for brevities sake, picture me like the lights in front of your car, I’m only going to show you so much ahead of the road at one time but I PROMISE I’ll get you there without costing you a dime if that’s what you’d like.

Now, the cool thing about this plugin is it’s not like every other “Freemium” program out there, because before your thirty-day trial is up you can choose to remove your credit card and all of the work and utility you got out of using this app will still be working in tip-top form on your website you used this on. You just will not receive support, updates, etc, if you choose not to pay. For most business owners too, this is actually completely fine, continued support is recommended though if you have a site that is continuously changing and being updated and having pages added constantly.

You’ve downloaded the plugin… Now what?

All you’re going to do now is log into your website like you normally would, and if you’re running it on WordPress, from the dashboard you should see a section that says Plugin. You’re simply going to click on that, add new, the install the plugin you just downloaded from WPMU Dev’s website and follow the instructions as it tells you what you’ll need to get it running.

Here’s Where the Rubber Meets the Road

You’ll notice at the WPMU Dev dashboard, there are actually HUNDREDS of programs for you to choose from. That’s why they charge a monthly rate on their plugin, this one plugin technically means you’re buying a few hundred from a trusted source. You can have everything from web security called Defender to SmartCrawl which helps your page get noticed by search engines. But for the sake of staying on point you’re going to want Hummingbird and WPSmush Pro.

WPSmush Pro… Will take your website and its images and scrape off all the unnecessary data it brought with it when it got uploaded onto your webserver. This frees up space, makes it easier to load, and if you check your Google site index speed before doing this you should be able to verify these results. (simply Google “Google Site Index Speed” to see how fast your page loads, keep in mind the slower the site speed the worse it does in mobile rankings).

With ONE safe button click and ten minutes depending on the size of your website, WPSmush may reduce the “weight” of your website by over 50-percent.

Hummingbird is even better BUT I really encourage having a professional or tech-pro do this for you in case you accidentally break the website.

Hummingbird will compress your files even more, making it easier for your website to be accessed when searched. Once you begin the process you should end up with a screen that looks oddly familiar to a circuit breaker at home. If everything went smoothly you shouldn’t notice any difference on your website… however in some cases, Hummingbird isn’t kosher with your website’s coding so it “breaks”. When broken you have two options. The first option is to just shut it all off completely which I understand if you don’t want to tediously test every switch to see which one is actually breaking the site. The second option is to switch off all the switches, then one by one turn the switches on going down the page, and inspecting the effects it has on your website before flipping the next one. For every switch left on your site speed and mobile optimization score will increase.

With this method alone I’ve seen a Google site speed score go from a 40 to over 70… which cause jumps in rankings meaning MORE BUSINESS for that client. And it really is that simple– it really is just a few installations and a few button clicks, and you can see IMPROVED results that quickly.

But for the more ambitious let’s talk about one more thing, kind of a Bonus of sorts.

Google AMP Project

Did I save the best for last? I’m not sure about that just yet, but I could’ve.

Look I know you just read an ENTIRE article that can REALLY HELP your rankings, so in respect to your time, let me just tell you what you need to know about AMP as quickly as possible?

AMP is a Google Project that a lot of news sites and other trusted authority sites spent a lot of money REDESIGNING THEIR ENTIRE WEBSITE to accommodate. As of right now, you DO get a bonus for participating in the AMP project in rankings. There are plenty of plugins for it, personally, I have my own plugin that I think is the best out there… but you can search for your own.

Google AMP allows pages to load almost instantaneously on mobile devices. You can tell which pages are AMPed (Accelerated Mobile Pages) and which are NOT just by noticing a little gray circle with a white lightning bolt next to it on your search feed.

In fact, you’ve probably seen AMP if you’ve ever checked breaking news out on Google. Sometimes they place a sliding carousel at the top of the page and go figure, the one that Google FAVORS THE MOST are the ones that are AMPed.

Google hasn’t made too many more announcements yet about AMP, but as someone who has taken their Google Certification tests earlier in the year, I will say that Google may start REALLY incentivizing AMP pages, so getting on board as soon as you possibly may be a very wise decision.

I’d Like To Thank You For Reading This, And Really Appreciate the Support.


I hope this article can help you and your enterprise grow more and get an edge over your competition, I’m always willing to help too and am just one LinkedIn message away. Thank You!

Affiliate Marketing

So what is Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate Marketing is taking someone else’s product or work, and selling it to someone else.
That’s it! You’re a middleman that gets a piece of the action!

So say you go to ClickBank’s or you go to another website that offers affiliate marketing and you get your unique URL. A unique URL is a site name that when a product is purchased through, much like a nightclub promoters guest list gets credit, you’ll be credited by the parent business as a seller of a product.

Now HOW do you monetize the product, where does the rubber meet the road?

1- Webinars
2- Facebook Ads
3- Organic Outreach

1- Webinars

Webinars, are one of the most powerful tools you can use when pitching high-quality products. One of my first mentors actually sold “tickets” to his webinar for a few thousand dollars MOSTLY just TO HEAR HIM TALK. Another acquaintance of mine cracked over $60,000 in three months running webinars to sell someone else’s product. There are reasons why webinars are effective at motivating people to purchase a product, here are some short notes on why webinars are effective.

  • It’s expected: Expectations are set and managed before you get on a call
  • It’s a time commitment: People don’t go on calls for 45 minutes to a hour just to waste their time usually
  • They’re professional: Webinars have infinitely more potential to influence people through simple, creative, and enthusiastic presentations

2- Facebook Ads

Last month a close friend of mine cracked a 600% ROI for his client when it comes to paid facebook ad marketing. Facebook is POWERFUL right now, VERY POWERFUL, BUT I have some INVALUABLE tips to KNOW what business you can have CERTAINTY IN and will DELIVER YOU results that will MASSIVELY generate traffic for you.
A good facebook marketing business will ask for permission to manage your facebook group page. The reason being is they need access to your tracking number so they can tangibly create trackable data. I met with a business owner not too long ago to discuss his social media marketing campaign and was shocked to learn he ALREADY was doing advertising, but his facebook business site actually had zero management. To ME, that’s equivalent of stealing someone’s money. The business probably came on, did 20 minutes of work for him on google adwords or something, and just took off with his money. When looking for the right agency, look for someone that has been around for more than 6 months, has a track record or a proven “done for you” system, and does monthly subscriptions- not year long contracts.

If you were to ask me how I REALLY FEEL about facebook advertising, I’d actually suggest you as a business owner create a new job in your business for social media marketing and then hire someone in that slot. Have the person do email marketing, BASIC seo, facebook advertising, all for the same price you’d pay an outside agency to manage your content. For instance, you can pay $2500-$3000 a month for an agent to work on your facebook ads for a few hours a week, or you could pay $3000-$4000 a month for someone to work full time and do email marketing, facebook ads, SEO, sales, and be sure to award them with performance bonuses if they go out and crack record breaking months. I say this because I want you to have total control over your businesses online presences- if you can constantly peak over the shoulder of your social media sales professional, you have a much higher chance of getting killer results than you would with an outside agency.

3- Organic Outreach

The last way to sell your product is with straight elbow grease. Although social media strategies will get the job done quicker, there are a few tips I can share about methods to promote your product with minimum financial investment.

Email marketing:

You can send out emails, although I have quite a few brilliant ideas of getting email lists I’m only going to share some practical methods of doing so like- have a web news letter, farm your linkedin, offer a free service to people in exchange for an email.


You can actually mail out sales copy as long as your product fits into that category appropriately.

Cold Call Sales:

I’m not too sure who has been spreading the rumor that cold calling is dead or outdated… If you master sales, you will never go hungry a day in your life. Sales is amazing BUT you have to understand that we now live in a world where trust is at an all-time low. Because of that, you need to know how to actually talk “the language of trust”, and you need to be able to frame yourself more of as a trusted consultant rather than a prototypical car salesman trying to pull a fast one over someone. You’re there to make sales, not to make enemies, and because of that, it’s important that you actually help others make empowered agreements rather than brash decisions.

MLM Method:

Sell to family members, family friends, friends, sell to your network and have them network you with people. I’m making a point to spell this out because it is effective as long as you’re actually good at what you do. Look the way I feel about this is pretty simple: no one likes the family member that tries to pity shame them into buying a product they don’t need just because of loyalty… if you have a product that you can guarantee will solve an actual and existing pain and frustration for someone you know, or maybe someone your family knows, add leverage to your product with incentive based pricing, coupons, family discounts, or other deals… and remember this slogan by sales professional and real estate mogul Grant Cardone- over promise THEN OVER DELIVER.

I’d like to thank you for taking the time out of your schedule to read all of this.
And if you have any comments or concerns, please post them below.
I hope now you have just a few more avenues than you might have had before when it comes to monetizing others or even your product!



Easy Tips For SEO Friendly Blogs

Writing a blog is often about engaging with your readers and offering some new insight. While it is good to write casually and keep your readers interested, you should also consider how you can make the blog SEO friendly. SEO friendly blogs are more likely to be ranked on the search engines than ones that are not. There are a number of easy tips that you should consider which will help you create an SEO friendly blog. Jewel Ghost SEO would like to share a few tips on how to get your page ranked on one of the top spots on Google, the easy way.

Have A Purpose For Each Post

Each post on your blog should have a specific purpose. This could be a review about a product or service or it could be answering a question you feel your readers have. Before you start writing the post you need to consider why you are going to be posting it and ensure that when you write the post you do not become side-tracked.

Use Headings

Headings are your friend when it comes to search engine optimization. The headings that you use will help the search engine catalog your posts and blog making it easier for people to find you on search engines. Sub-headings also help in the user experience of your blog.

Research has shown that people generally do not read every word in a blog post or online article. The eye will scan the important points and then the user will determine what they should read more thoroughly. By using sub-headings you are making it easy for your readers to determine what each section of the post is about.

Optimize Your Post Length

The length of your post actually places a role in how the search engines rank you. It is recommended that you never have a post which is less than 300 words long because Google likes longer articles. Of course, you have to be careful with not making your posts too long because that could put your readers off. You should consider how easily your readers will be able to digest the information you give them to determine what the best length would be.

When considering the length of your post you also need to consider keyword density. Keyword density is a percentage created from the number of times your search term is used in your text. This means that in a 300-word post if you have the keyword 3 times you have a density of 1%. It is recommended that you keep this between 1 to 2 percent otherwise the search engines may think you are keyword stuffing and this will negatively impact your rankings.

Link Within Your Blog

You will often have a post on your blog that relates to something you are talking about now. If this is the case you should link the two posts. Of course, you need to ensure that the linked posts are related and that your readers will actually want to read both posts.

Internal linking is good for SEO because it shows some authority on the subject matter. It also increases the usability of the website when your readers are able to travel from post to relate post.

Add Content Regularly

Adding new posts is important, but you have to ensure that your new posts are adding some value to your readers. The act of posting new content will tell the search engines that your blog is still alive and that you are still providing new information. If your blog is considered inactive by the search engines they will crawl it less often and this will lead to newer posts taking longer to appear in search results.

The frequency of your posts should be carefully considered because you do not want to bombard your readers with new information. Some bloggers recommend having a new post every day while others recommend a new post every week. You will need to consider how frequently you will have something new to provide, but ensure that you do not wait too long.

Have A Mobile Friendly Blog

A lot of bloggers do not realize that it is important to have a blog which is mobile friendly. More people are turning to their phones and tablets to access the internet and the search engines are wise to this. If your blog does not have a mobile friendly template then you will be penalized in mobile searches. Choosing a responsive template is the best option because they are made with desktops, laptops and mobile devices in mind.

Analyze Your Data

When completing search engine optimization you need to analyze your blog data. This will include where you get your traffic and which keywords people are using to find your posts. This can help you determine which posts are doing the best and if you are using different SEO techniques on different posts you can see which works the best.

Year of The Spartan Challenge

So years have work gone into this idea…

The idea that a lot can change in one year. This post is not only a mission statement but an idea for a book as well.
If there is one thing I, Michael Villari, like doing just as much if not more than Search Engine Optimization, it’s writing!

And fortunately, this skill set and love of language and organization ACTUALLY goes hand in hand with ranking keywords and generating traffic for websites more than you think.

You see- in the SEO world what REALLY matters is not necessarily JUST keywords, JUST blog posts, JUST links, JUST images, JUST video… what I’m saying is it’s not JUST the content it’s also the quality of what you post.
You don’t need to know everything but, Google and other search engines actually DISLIKE IT if you post grammatically poor blog entries, search engines aren’t fond of overly aggrandizing blog posts, because Google really is learning to like the pages that seem like they’re actually useful to people reading them.

So what is this post about then?
This post is an idea I have that I’m not shy to share, nor make public. In fact, I kind of live under the presumption that the more personal you can make your life story, the better its received by the people you hope to get some kind of validation from.

And that’s where this idea spawned- the idea of a dedicated hardcore, rockstar year of absolutely zero down time and a straight year of laser-like focus on my mission to become amongst the greatest of SEO experts in the world. If you were to ask me what is my motivation, I’d tell you the following:

Quite simply I love learning about Google’s Algorithm, and according to my results as of right now it should be abundantly clear I actually do know how to rank businesses on Page One, BUT my goal is to be able to service 100 or more businesses simultaneously, I have OCD when it comes to cracking the Da Vinci’s code that is Google… and I have a deep deep appreciation and love for being able to provide business owners with a method that drastically increases their businesses web presences. Knowing that even in a small city, a well-designed website could rake in $30,000 or more a month for a business owner really makes me happy.

The Year of The Spartan is like a commitment to enable myself to focus.
Just imagine what it would be like to actually cut all procrastination and focus steadily for one year.
No “breaks”, no “social media”, no “cheat days”… my hypothesis is it would be the most productive year of my life, and pretty much like a super power.

After this is all said and done I’d like to write a book about this… and if you would like to join in the challenge here’s specifically what it will look like.

1- Minimum work of 10 hours a day
2- Workout 7 days a week… (45 minutes of weight lifting, 1 hour a day of cardio- I bike, basketball, and box everyday)
3- Meditate 20 minutes daily 2X a day
4- Eat as clean as physically possible

Look I can actually write IN DETAIL about health and fitness because its a strong area for me, and it may confuse you to read a blog like this and write it off as just plain nonsense… but I know with what I want to do with my life, to really become my perfect vision I have of myself it will take a strong intention and a strong focus to achieve it… and today is just the beginning.

Shot’s fired!
See you in a year from now, and PLEASE.
Let’s share us some results.


General Q & A

So what was the past like, what brought Jewel Ghost Media about and what are we doing from now until the year 3000?

We’re going to answer these questions in a Q & A style format to keep it clean.

Q- Does Jewel Ghost have a mission statement?
A- To be AMONGST THE BEST in search engine optimization. In many ways this job is a heaven send for Michael whom runs the company because he is obsessed with learning how Google determines a sites worth.

Q- How long has Jewel Ghost Buffalo SEO Expert been around?
A- Jewel Ghost itself was rebranded from Blanc Solutions… This is its final form and Michael is quite happy with it. Michael began work in digital marketing in late 2015. Specifically dealing with SEO in late 2016.

Q- How knowledgeable is Michael when it comes to search engine optimization?
A- Ask me anything, I have an encyclopedic knowledge of SEO and have actually sought out and learned from geniuses who make full-time livings and killings for their clients in real life.

Q- Is Michael good at anything besides SEO?
A- Plenty! I’ve always been good at everything I do (humbly speaking of course), although I do know how to get great ROI for a business with Facebook Marketing and Google Adwords, I DO NOT offer these services… I am personally connected with over 4000 media consultants, some very close friends, that LOVE learning how facebook works and would MUCH rather refer you to them then just take money from you knowing that I would never be able to give it the attention a GOOD and COMPETENT campaign would need.

Q- Jewel Ghost offers web design? Tell me more!
A- Jewel Ghost offers “done for you” templates… they typically go live in two weeks and we work in our spare time to create better and more templates for pretty much every niche (agencies, electricians, surgical studios, plumbers…) I suggest checking out this link right here to learn more about this service and test our dummy sites!

Thank you for reading!
Head to the contact us page for general questions!