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So what was the past like, what brought Jewel Ghost Media about and what are we doing from now until the year 3000?

We’re going to answer these questions in a Q & A style format to keep it clean.

Q- Does Jewel Ghost have a mission statement?
A- To be AMONGST THE BEST in search engine optimization. In many ways this job is a heaven send for Michael whom runs the company because he is obsessed with learning how Google determines a sites worth.

Q- How long has Jewel Ghost Buffalo SEO Expert been around?
A- Jewel Ghost itself was rebranded from Blanc Solutions… This is its final form and Michael is quite happy with it. Michael began work in digital marketing in late 2015. Specifically dealing with SEO in late 2016.

Q- How knowledgeable is Michael when it comes to search engine optimization?
A- Ask me anything, I have an encyclopedic knowledge of SEO and have actually sought out and learned from geniuses who make full-time livings and killings for their clients in real life.

Q- Is Michael good at anything besides SEO?
A- Plenty! I’ve always been good at everything I do (humbly speaking of course), although I do know how to get great ROI for a business with Facebook Marketing and Google Adwords, I DO NOT offer these services… I am personally connected with over 4000 media consultants, some very close friends, that LOVE learning how facebook works and would MUCH rather refer you to them then just take money from you knowing that I would never be able to give it the attention a GOOD and COMPETENT campaign would need.

Q- Jewel Ghost offers web design? Tell me more!
A- Jewel Ghost offers “done for you” templates… they typically go live in two weeks and we work in our spare time to create better and more templates for pretty much every niche (agencies, electricians, surgical studios, plumbers…) I suggest checking out this link right here to learn more about this service and test our dummy sites!

Thank you for reading!
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