Reputation Management

Power up your brand with Reputation Managment and ALWAYS be “yourself” on your most charming day. Reputation Managment is for the people who have immature comments, bitter quips, false statements, wrong accusations, and terrible complaints taking up space where more productive and relevant material could be featured.


Don’t be held for ransom by terrible remarks about you and your service online.

We make you look good, real good.

Fall In Love With Control Again

Don’t let one bad apple spoil the bunch. Just because a vocal minority tried cutting you down, or spamming your online persona, you shouldn’t be discouraged or think that it’s unrecoverable. Jewel Ghost SEO specializes in promoting content that clearly represents what you’re really worth.

Rise to the top, and leave the footprint you want on Search Engines.

Handle Your Internet Business Presences Today

Branded local businesses can’t just snap their fingers and decide to pack up their website and rebrand themselves like failing internet marketers do. Your reputation is constantly on the line and constantly has a hot spotlight focused on it. Let Jewel Ghost SEO help your business shine like a gem. Read our basic process below.

What Will Good Reputation Management Do For Me and My Business?

Move Up Your Good Content

Hyper-critical reviews that typically are outlier experiences can tarnish your brand’s name. Using proven systems, Jewel Ghost promotes what you’re doing right.

Improve Your Look With Social Signals

Become more influential while simultaneously cleaning up your brand! We proactively work on various social platforms to give your business even more credit.

Strategic Brand Building

We proactively seek out THE MOST impactful and powerful content written about you to display instead of the negative links.

Works With The Algorithm

Working with search engines ethically to ensure that your links stand the test of time for as long as possible.

Scope Of Our Work & The Process

  1. Create Relevant Data
  2. Evaluate What’s Being Said
  3. Create Relevant Authority On Your Niche
  4. In With The New Content
  5. Out With The Old Content
  6. Link Brand New Data
  7. Monopolize Your Social Properties
  8. Measure The Results
  9. Crush Your Market With Total Control Of Your New Search Engine Influences
Jewel Ghost Reputation Management

Jewel Ghost SEO

Reputation Management is not for everyone. We simply can’t even service every business to ensure results for preexisting businesses. Jewel Ghost does not work with:

1- Adult Entertainment
2- Get Rich Quick Products
3- Start Up’s

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