Year of The Spartan Challenge

So years have work gone into this idea…

The idea that a lot can change in one year. This post is not only a mission statement but an idea for a book as well.
If there is one thing I, Michael Villari, like doing just as much if not more than Search Engine Optimization, it’s writing!

And fortunately, this skill set and love of language and organization ACTUALLY goes hand in hand with ranking keywords and generating traffic for websites more than you think.

You see- in the SEO world what REALLY matters is not necessarily JUST keywords, JUST blog posts, JUST links, JUST images, JUST video… what I’m saying is it’s not JUST the content it’s also the quality of what you post.
You don’t need to know everything but, Google and other search engines actually DISLIKE IT if you post grammatically poor blog entries, search engines aren’t fond of overly aggrandizing blog posts, because Google really is learning to like the pages that seem like they’re actually useful to people reading them.

So what is this post about then?
This post is an idea I have that I’m not shy to share, nor make public. In fact, I kind of live under the presumption that the more personal you can make your life story, the better its received by the people you hope to get some kind of validation from.

And that’s where this idea spawned- the idea of a dedicated hardcore, rockstar year of absolutely zero down time and a straight year of laser-like focus on my mission to become amongst the greatest of SEO experts in the world. If you were to ask me what is my motivation, I’d tell you the following:

Quite simply I love learning about Google’s Algorithm, and according to my results as of right now it should be abundantly clear I actually do know how to rank businesses on Page One, BUT my goal is to be able to service 100 or more businesses simultaneously, I have OCD when it comes to cracking the Da Vinci’s code that is Google… and I have a deep deep appreciation and love for being able to provide business owners with a method that drastically increases their businesses web presences. Knowing that even in a small city, a well-designed website could rake in $30,000 or more a month for a business owner really makes me happy.

The Year of The Spartan is like a commitment to enable myself to focus.
Just imagine what it would be like to actually cut all procrastination and focus steadily for one year.
No “breaks”, no “social media”, no “cheat days”… my hypothesis is it would be the most productive year of my life, and pretty much like a super power.

After this is all said and done I’d like to write a book about this… and if you would like to join in the challenge here’s specifically what it will look like.

1- Minimum work of 10 hours a day
2- Workout 7 days a week… (45 minutes of weight lifting, 1 hour a day of cardio- I bike, basketball, and box everyday)
3- Meditate 20 minutes daily 2X a day
4- Eat as clean as physically possible

Look I can actually write IN DETAIL about health and fitness because its a strong area for me, and it may confuse you to read a blog like this and write it off as just plain nonsense… but I know with what I want to do with my life, to really become my perfect vision I have of myself it will take a strong intention and a strong focus to achieve it… and today is just the beginning.

Shot’s fired!
See you in a year from now, and PLEASE.
Let’s share us some results.

-Michael Buffalo Search Engine Expert

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